New Year's Resolutions

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New Year's Resolutions

''A cat’s New Year dream is mostly to catch a bird! Don’t be like a cat, aim for new things''

Many make them - and most people end up breaking them, too. Well, it’s still early in 2014, so let’s be optimistic. Let’s assume you have made a New Year’s resolution and have not yet broken it; here are a few of bidorbuy's secret resolution ingredients on how to follow through on it.


Tame the bulge

The single most common New Year's resolution is to lose weight. For starters, "losing weight" isn't very specific; it can be 1 or 2 Kgs or it could be 30Kgs. Tired of paying for unused gym memberships?

One tried and tested way to cut weight is by involving your self in zumba. It involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba's choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, mambo and martial arts as well as squats and lunges.


Cooking Basics

"My cooking is so awesome even the smoke alarm cheers me on"

Before chefs become chefs, they learn the basics like how to use a knife, how to chop up vegetables and how to use appliances. It's only then that their efforts seem, well, effortless. Start off with a recipe book and be sure to have the right tools in your kitchen.



Start right: Moving into a new home

Moving into a new space can be either an exhilarating experience, or a totally terrifying one. No matter which end of the emotional spectrum you find yourself at, focus on treating it as a positive experience. Spicing up your house with decor items, can help to boost your energy levels.


Settling Down

"The day a boy becomes a man"

As much as the fear of commitment is strongly associated with men in relationships, many have overcome and embraced the idea of a life-long partner.

So you and your lady have finally decided to settle down or she's being nudging you to put a ring on it. Either way once you get down to popping the question and with a ring like this, there's no way she'll say no.


Give a gift and put a smile on someone's face

Life is a constant exercise in self-improvement. And while some of that focus lands squarely on becoming more educated or rising in the ranks of the workplace, sometimes we forget to improve how we treat ourselves and those around us. In the rush to achieve, the idea of being "better"; you can start by gifting the people that you love and even those that you do not know. 


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