Havaianas: Once On, Never Off

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Brazil is well known for three things: Soccer, Samba and HAVAIANAS.

Two years before Kenya gained her independence, a Scotsman by the name Robert Fraser, who had been inspired by the Japanese zori sandals moved to Brazil and came up with a new, cool and comfortable brand of sandals known as Havaianas. The name Havaianas is derived from the Portuguese word for "Hawaiians", and the pattern on the soles of the sandals is designed to resemble the straw and rice soles of zori.

Havaianas (fondly christened Brazil’s Rubber Soul) is a unique brand of flip-flop sandals that are skillfully crafted and incorporate a tightly guarded formula to their rubber soles that makes them airy, squishy and different from all other flip-flop sandals in the market that use plastic soles.

During their first year of production, Havaianas were sold solely in popular Brazilian street markets and were so popular that more than 13,000 pairs were produced. Havaianas became such a basic need that the Brazilian government included them on the list of basic necessities such as rice and beans that were used to calculate the cost of living increases in Brazil.

The Havaianas have grown from the heart of the Brazilian street markets to being embraced by the soul of fashion runways in Paris; from the streets in Rio to the boulevard lanes of Hollywood; from the shores of South America to the bosom of Mama Africa. Havaianas are taking over the world. 

Since the end of the 80s, Havaianas hasn’t stopped creating fashion trends. New prints, colors and models – even for those who just learned how to walk… such as Havaianas Baby!

Who is wearing Havaianas? The question is who isn’t?

So if you want to chill out in Diani or hang out for a weekend in Nairobi or wherever you are in Kenya, Havaianas totally have you covered.



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