About Us

Launched in September 2010, bidorbuy.co.ke is a Kenyan online marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together to trade almost anything through online auctions and fixed price sales. bidorbuy.co.ke is the largest site of its kind operating in Kenya. It is the sister site of bidorbuy.co.za which has been operating in South Africa since 1999 and is also the largest of its kind there.

How bidorbuy.co.ke works

Typically any user that wants to sell goods or services can list the item for sale on the web site using the web based tools provided. The seller sets a start time, end time, pricing information and provides a detailed description together with images for the item they are selling.  Other users can then browse these items for sale and bid on or buy items they are interested in. Should there be a sale, the bidorbuy system puts the buyer and seller in contact with each other and it is then up to the buyer and seller to conclude the deal between each other (which normally involves arranging payment and shipment of the goods purchased). bidorbuy makes its money by charging the seller a commission of between one and five percent on all successful sales (except for high ticket items such as cars and properties where only a flat listing fee per item is charged).

bidorbuy does not sell any goods itself but only provides an online platform to facilitate trade between other buyers and sellers. Typically most buyers and sellers reside in Kenya however there are also a number of sellers located outside of Kenya that make use of the bidorbuy web site to sell to Kenyans.

The majority of goods sold on bidorbuy are new items (as apposed to second hand goods). It is interesting to note, like similar International site such as eBay.com, many sellers / professional traders are able to make a business out of trading on the bidorbuy web site in Kenya.

bidorbuy also provides large sellers with customised tools to make bulk listing of products easier and can integrate directly with popular online shopping cart solutions. This together with the innovative online payment solutions offered makes bidorbuy.co.ke a clear leader in the Kenyan online buying and selling marketplace.

bidorbuy.co.ke Site Statistics (November 2011)

  • Over 28,000 unique visitors every month (source: Google Analytics)
  • Over 25,000 items listed for sale 
  • On average 70% of visitors to the site every month are new visitors

Quick Facts

  • From 15 Septmeber 2011 bidorbuy.co.ke introduced a fresh new mobile site m.bidorbuy.co.ke
  • From 20 September 2011 bidorbuy.co.ke introduced Ksh1 auctions 
  • www.bidorbuy.co.ke has an active and growing following on Facebook with over 10000 fans

Why use bidorbuy.co.ke ?

It¿s a perfect solution for selling excess / unsold and perishable inventory. You don¿t have to be an expert negotiator or sales person to get a good price for your goods as the market / bidders negotiate on your behalf. Selling and buying on auction is a thrilling process, which has proven successful for sellers as well as for buyers - locally and globally. bidorbuy offers great exposure to vendors as it is open for trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and as a result of bidorbuy¿s effective marketing campaigns, goods on the site are exposed to a high volume of traffic.