Compare the Pros and Cons of Buying an Apple Versus a PC

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If you already own a computer, it probably is a PC, in which case you'll be familiar enough with the interface to continue using it. But if you do not already possess a system, chances are that you've heard a bit about the AppleMac and cannot help but be impressed! 

What are the Differences, Really?

To begin with, there are the basic differences. For one, the control buttons in the keyboard pad are differently arranged. Then, there is the fact that in a personal computer, the 'exit', 'minimize', and 'maximize' options are found on the screen's upper right hand corner, while in the AppleMac, these options are placed at the upper left. Moreover, the software programs of basic commands are differently oriented.

However, these are minimal distinctions that can be coped with over time. Why then do advocates persist in their heated argument? Before you get caught up in the scuffle over which notebook or laptop to buy, remember that both the PC and the Mac have their pros and cons.

PC Pros

  • It is much cheaper than the AppleMac.
  • Since there are more people using a PC than a Mac, you're more likely to find help.
  • You can remodel the personal computer to suit your needs and even assemble your own customized version.
  • Getting cheap or even free software for PCs is relatively easy.
  • Most anti-spyware and anti-virus programs work well with the PC.

PC Cons

  • The PC is more open to virus threats.
  • Windows XP is a clumsier interface than the AppleMac operating system OS X. 
  • Sometimes, software for PCs tends to be unnecessarily complex.
  • Since there are so many models and manufacturers for PCs, you need to be more alert about what you opt for.

Mac Pros

  • If aesthetics impress you, you'll love your AppleMac.
  • Mac's software is far more superior than Windows PC.
  • The operating system OS X is more secure than Windows.
  • Since Apple writes most of the Mac software, you'll find that it runs well with the hardware. 

Mac Cons

  • The Mac is much more expensive than a basement version PC.
  • You do not have much control over the specific components, making the Mac less open to customization.
  • You'll find it harder to get your Mac repaired or to find support.
  • Shareware or freeware for the AppleMac is relatively rare when compared to the PC.

Ending the Mac Versus PC Debate

Users of each interface often extol the virtues of one by completely overlooking the advantages of the other. But the truth is that both the Mac and the PC are pioneers in their own right. Before deciding which one is suitable for you, examine your requirements. 

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