Body Care from the Meadowsweet Garden

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Body Care from the Meadowsweet Garden

How many beauty product companies can claim that their products are absolutely safe, holistic and lovingly handmade to invigorate your body and your senses? None perhaps, except Meadowsweet.

Meadowsweet’s products include an extensive range of pure essential oils, and gifts. 

The Pure Essential Range of Oils and Body Care Products

  • Meadowsweet’s range of pure essential oils are 100 percent natural, and are also used to enhance Meadowsweet’s other body care products. A few drops of the right essential oil in your bath water, in a spritzer as a room freshener, or diluted and used on your skin can have a positive effect on your wellbeing and mood.
  • The Pure Essential range includes luxurious body butters, handmade soaps, bath milks, bath salts, etc. The Pure Essential soaps are made with pure vegetable glycerine and the best quality essential oils. Variants include bath time bars, soap on a rope, and even bars that encase pendants of semi-precious stones.
  • Bath Salts are infused with various pure essential oils and mixed with organic flowers and the leaves of medicinal plants. Combined with warm bath water, they ease pains and spasms.

Oils and Gifts

Meadowsweet’s range of oils includes base oils, massage oils and essential oils. For gifts Meadowsweet offers custom-made gift hampers, Soothing Herbal Baby Pillows and a great Sore Muscle Soak.

The colourful Soothing Herbal Baby Pillows are stuffed with a mixture of herbs and infused with pure essential oils that have a calming effect, to soothe babies into a good night’s rest. The pillows also help with blocked noses. The Sore Muscle Soak is a great gift for the fitness enthusiasts in your life.

What’s Unique About Meadowsweet?

Products use a high content of pure essential oils and use herbs from the Meadowsweet farm, Kenya’s first certified organic farm. Meadowsweet’s products are paraben-free. Parabens are hazardous chemicals used in 98 percent of the world’s cosmetics. When absorbed by the body (60 percent of everything we put on our skins gets absorbed directly into the blood streams), they cause high oestrogen levels that stimulate breast cancer in women. They can have endocrine-disrupting effects on the ovaries, the thyroid and other systems in the body.

Meadowsweet’s all-natural products are of the highest quality, and offer psychological, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical benefits. They are an excellent way to go natural, and promote the handmade movement. In the process, you will look, feel and smell great too. 

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