To Wear Worn: A Guide to Wearing Vintage Clothing

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To Wear Worn:

A Guide to Wearing Vintage Clothing

The timelessness of clothing designs from years forgone like the skinny jean, the waist- high pencil skirt and the plimsoll is what makes them reappear in future fashions. Classic clothing styles never die. Vintage fashion is about reworking these eternally beautiful pieces of fabric through a modern perspective; but it is also about finding something that is gorgeously unique. Part of the fun with going Vintage is the challenge to get right the balance between old and new; and to make the look your own. While you buy vintage on, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Tips for Buying Vintage:


  • Always try to have some modern aspect in your Vintage outfit to avoid looking like you are going to a fancy dress party. The key to looking good in Vintage is to find the right balance between old and new.

  • Shoes & Accessories can be used to make a vintage outfit have a modern feel to it.

  • Be aware that sizes then were smaller than they are now. Rather ask the seller for the centimetre sizes of the garment¿ and measure yourself to be sure¿ than rely on standard size numbers.

  • Avoid cheap fabrics when it come to Vintage; these clothing items are also an investment and you should aim to buy good quality items that will last.


Tips for caring for your Vintage Clothing:

  • Always clean your vintage clothing according to the instructions listed on the label. 

  • Cottons, acrylics, and polyesters must be washed by hand. Rather than use a tumble dryer, air or drip dry your Vintage clothing. 

  • Never leave Vintage garments in the plastic from dry cleaners.

  • Garments made from delicate fabrics should be folded and not hung to avoid stretching. All other Vintage clothing should be hung on padded hangers.

  • Do not allow Vintage clothing to stand in light or smoke. And do not allow animal hair onto the garment.

  • It may help to keep older and heavier items in paper boxes instead of hanging them, but make sure that these are acid¿free boxes. 

  • Wool items should be stored away with mothballs during the summer.


How to look Vintage:



  • Floral, chequered and lace are popular vintage patterns.

  • Emphasize your waist¿ wear waist high skirts and waist belts to do this.

  • Don¿t wear too much black.

  • Plimsolls are good Vintage-style shoes.


Make-up & Accessories:

  • Wear ribbons and bows¿ in your hair, around your waist and on your blouses.

  • Curl your hair¿try finger curls. 

  • Wear pearls¿but the length and style of pearls will differ according to the Vintage era you are trying to emulate.

  • Wear clutch bags¿real Vintage clutch bags tend to have fewer pockets than modern ones.

  • Curl your lashes¿apply lots of mascara.

  • Use eyeliner on your top lid.

  • Wear red lipstick (but don¿t make dramatic eyes and lips; pick one to emphasize).


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