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Video Game Console Buying guide 



X box 360

There are three different kinds of X box on the market. The Xbox 360 Arcade, Xbox 360 Pro and Xbox 360 Elite. The main differences come in the size of the hard drives, the arcade: No hard drive, the pro: 60 Gig hard drive, the elite: 120 Gig hard drive.

Playstation 3
There are two versions of the slim line Playstation, and again it is the size of the hard drives that makes the difference. The one has a 120 Gig hard drive and the other has 250 Gig. You can also find versions of the bigger original PS3 model with 40 Gig, 60 Gig and 80 Gig hard drive.

Nintendo Wii

The Wii has revolutionised the gaming industry with its celebrated motion-sensor controllers. It¿s all about the gameplay with Wii focusing on making games as immersive as possible rather than on graphics. This is the simplest looking of consoles, but dare I say it the most dynamic of next gen consoles.

Xbox 360 - Elite console
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Top Resolution: 1080p
Processor speed: 3.2 Ghz
Main memory: 512MB
Graphics memory: 10MB Embedded DRAM
Graphics chip: ATI at 500Mhz
Colour: Black
Hard Disk Drive: 120GB
USB Ports: 3
Disc Drive: DVD/CD
HDMI: Yes, no cable included
Controller: Xbox controller (Connect up to 4 controllers)
Bluetooth: No
Online play: additional charge
WiFi: additional charge for components
Dimensions: 310x80x260mm
Weight: 3.5kg                      
Playstation 3 - 120Gig console
Manufacturer: Sony
Top  Resolution: 1080p
Processor speed: 3.2 Ghz
Main memory: 256MB
Graphics memory: 256MB
Graphics chip: NVIDIA RSX at 550Mhz
Colour: Charcoal Black
Hard Disk Drive: 120GB
USB Ports: 3
Disc Drive: Blu-Ray/DVD/CD
HDMI: Yes, no cable included
Controller: SixAxis/Dualshock 3 (Connect up to 7 controllers)
Bluetooth: Yes
Online Play: Free
WiFi: Bult-in
Dimensions: 290x65x290mm
Weight: 3.2kg
Nintendo Wii
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Top Resolution: 480p
Processor speed: 0.7 Ghz
Main memory: 64MB extension, 512MB flash
Graphics memory: 3MB
Graphics chip: ATI Hollywood
Colour: Black/White
Hard Disk Drive: N/A
USB Ports: 3
Disc Drive: Wii and Gamecube CDs only
Controller: Wii Remote (Connect up to 4 controllers)
Bluetooth: Yes
Online Play: Yes
WiFi: Built-in
Dimensions: 155x212x44mm
Weight: 1.75kg
 Some Xbox Exclusive titles:
  Alan Wake
  Gears of War 2
 Some Playstation Exclusive titles:
 God of War 3
 Heavy rain
 Uncharted 2
 Gran Turismo
 Some Nintendo Wii Exclusive titles:  
 Super Mario galaxy
 Wii Fit games
 Mario Kart
 Legend of Zelda


Did you know that we are now on the 7th generation of gaming systems? Yes we are and if you have not jumped onto the gaming band wagon, do not despair. It¿s never too late. There are plenty of choices that await anyone in the market for a game console, and it can be overwhelming if you do not know what you are looking for. The information you need can be hard to find and you could be confused by the subjective views of loyal gamers as well. Where do you even begin?

A few questions to help you with choosing the right console for you:
- Do you own an HDTV or are you planning on purchasing one? 
- What kind of budget are you working with?
- Are you interested more in playing games with others, or in single-player experiences?
- Do you own any older game systems?
One thing for sure is that buying the right gaming console can result in hours of entertainment for you and the family. Gaming consoles are no longer viewed as ¿toys¿ for children to play with and are now open to a much wider audience, with something for everyone available. There is so much more on offer from the powerful gaming systems of today. They are complete entertainment systems now which offer a variety of applications and features; from web browsing, streaming of movies, music, photos from your computer to monitoring your fitness levels, as well as connecting with multitudes of other players online.

Playstation 3
This is a pricier option compared to the Xbox 360 and the Wii, though you can look out for good deals as these pop up here and there on bidorbuy. The new slim line is lighter and quieter than the old glossier version but still packs the same amount of power. With this system you¿ll get great graphics and a Blu-Ray player for all your HD movies. The large hard drives available and a low cost Blu-Ray player make this system a very good buy, especially if you have an HD television. It also has some great exclusive titles. If you already had a Playstation 2 and are fans of brand titles like Uncharted or Gran Turismo then you'll want the PS3 even more. This is the ultimate entertainment system and if you have the rand to spend, it is worth it. Sony is releasing the "Move", their own response to Nintendo's Wii remote and so you could be experiencing the same immersive play soon.  

Xbox360 elite
This is priced between the Wii and the PS3 and offers good value for money. The Xbox can also support resolutions up to 1080p like the PS3, so the graphics are also very impressive. It also has an add-on HD DVD player to compete with the Blu-Ray offering by Sony, although this comes at an extra cost. You will also be happy to know that you can play a number of your original Xbox games on the Xbox 360. This backward compatibility aspect sets the Xbox apart from the PS3 250gig which does not take PS2 games. There are some great titles to play on the Xbox360 and if you are a first-person shooter fan you¿ll like this console. The Xbox has a great online gaming presence and this is a plus for anyone looking to enjoy online multiplayer gaming. Microsoft also have their own motion sensing gadget known as Kinect (previously Project Natal) coming out as well so if you are willing to wait, you could also be twisting and swinging in your living room to control the characters on screen.

Nintendo Wii
If you are on a budget and are not really a hardcore gamer then the Wii would be a good fit for you. In terms of graphics do not expect to be dazzled by the Wii as they aren't that great. Its unique selling point is the gaming innovation driven by the motion sensitive Wii Remote. This means that players get to swing, twist, jab and bowl as if they are actually in the game. The Nintendo Wii is a gaming console which is more family-friendly than the PS3 and the XBOX 360. The games are less racy and violent, but equally addictive. The Wii simply offers experiences that no other console can promise. This is a game you can play with others and actually enjoy a mild workout. As an added bonus, the Wii also plays the older GameCube discs and if you¿d like to relive those SNES or the Nintendo 64 days, log onto the Wii website and download your favourite classic game direct to your console! 
The final decision really boils down to you and what you are looking for in your gaming system. You may find that a video gaming console is not for you and might prefer a handheld console. This could be the right option if you feel that gaming on the go is what you could enjoy. 
In that respect you can look at the Sony PSP or the Nintendo DS and DS lite. These are both very functional and equally enjoyable, each offering something for everyone.

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