Selling Online Made Easy

Internet retail sales are growing steadily, indicating that consumers are increasingly reluctant to spend their free time searching for a parking spot. Is your business ready to get a slice of that pie?

With businesses bracing for the tough times ahead, those who have not done so already will be considering moving onto the Internet. With good reason. Online retail sales are recording high rates of growth worldwide.

And there is still plenty of room for growth.

That means now is a good time to position your company to reap the fruits of the expected boom. True, doing business on Internet is not all roses. The pet peeves of internet retailers are (1) costly couriers, (2) high banking fees and (3) the low number of credit card users in emerging markets.

However, those failings should not put you off. Selling online is not a passing fad, as some trend-watchers used to think a few years back. It is an important lifestyle change. People will shop online more and more because it is so convenient. Given a choice, consumers will gladly forego the traffic jams, the searching for the parking spot, the queues at the tills, and opt for shopping from the comfort of their home.
In order to participate in the benefits of this trend, some careful planning and budgeting is necessary.

You may opt to set up your own Internet shop. That entails either buying a ready-made e-commerce solution, which can be costly, or doing it yourself with the help of open-source programmes like osCommerce or Zen Cart, which is free, but involves a rather steep learning curve.

Now consider the alternative: bidorbuy. The advantage is that you get a ready-made large potential customer base. You also get somebody else to worry about attracting the traffic, paying for the advertising, and about the technology needed to keep a high-traffic site up at all times.

Whichever way you choose to go, moving online – either as the only sales outlet, or as an extension of an existing brick-and-mortar store - is a step few retailers can afford to forego.