The Handmade Revolution

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The Handmade Revolution

The popularity of handmade goods has been on the rise for a few years now and shows no signs of declining. Ironically, the Internet has been instrumental in popularising handcrafted goods. In fact, several online shopping websites, blogs, journals, and online tutorials have fuelled the growth in the handmade goods industry.

The Handmade Consortium

Thanks to the retail chain culture and mass production of goods, all of us have begun to use things (clothes, accessories, furniture, etc.) that look increasingly similar and bland!
The Handmade Consortium was launched by nine primary organizations to motivate people to buy handmade items and to bring back the uniqueness in the things we buy.

These nine organizations (The American Craft Council, Etsy, indiepublic, Craft Magazine, The Austin Craft Mafia, Design*Sponge, Interweave, Craftster, and Burdastyle) seek to put the consumer in touch with the manufacturer and to encourage people to buy from independent producers instead of from big retail chains. Log on to their website to make a pledge to buy handmade or to tell your friends.


One of the members of The Handmade Consortium, Etsy, deserves special mention. Founded in 2005, Etsy is a dedicated online store for purchasing and selling handcrafted goods. Etsy boasts of having more than 700,000 products on its marketplace being sold to you directly by about 60,000 artists. From candles, toys, and quilts, to greeting cards, furniture, and bags, Etsy has something for everyone and every budget. Etsy was instrumental in ushering in the Handmade Revolution and facilitating a sense of community between buyers and sellers across the world.

Getting with It!

Join the handmade revolution today. Get together with friends and family to have ‘handmade shopping and swapping’ parties. Sell your handmade products or swap your handiwork with that made by your friends or family.

Buying Handmade
Buying handcrafted goods is not just a purchasing decision; it is an attitude. Buying handmade items allows you to own truly unique things and also give wonderfully eclectic gifts to loved ones. They are great conversation pieces and ensure that the items you own do not exist anywhere else in the world. It’s also your way of encouraging arts and crafts, supporting independent artists, saving money, going green, and saying no to the exploitative ways of ‘big retail’.

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