Maternity Wear for Moms-to-be

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Maternity Wear for Moms-to-be
The days of wearing shapeless and out-of-vogue clothes during pregnancy are long gone. You no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort just because you're pregnant!

Planning your maternity wardrobe

The first tip to remember is that you¿ll probably not need any maternity clothes for the first trimester of your pregnancy. But once you begin to feel uncomfortable in your existing clothes, it¿s time to invest in maternity wear basics. Second, prioritise comfort. Your body is under enough stress as it is, so invest in comfortable and breathable clothes. Third, do not do all your maternity wear shopping at once. This helps save money, allows you to determine what looks good on you, and also lets you buy clothes depending on your changing shape. And last, learn to mix and match. Be it at home or at the office, versatile maternity clothes will see you through your pregnancy without having to spend a fortune.

Maternity wardrobe essentials

Maternity jeans: Versatile and convenient, these jeans will stand you in good stead almost throughout your pregnancy. Team them with a casual tee or tank in the day time or with a dressy top for an evening out. Boot cut jeans with woven elastic waist bands (roll panel or full panel) are great. Also try capris, sweatpants, and cargo pants.
Illusory maternity tops: Drape front tops, gathered-front dolman sleeve tunics, empire waist dress tops, striped cardigans, ponchos, cross-front dresses, and ruffle-front shirts are especially helpful in camouflaging and/or minimising your bump.
Maternity intimates: Consider buying six-packs of panties made of cotton-spandex blends. They¿ll stretch with your waistline and the snug fit will keep you comfy. Also, your breasts will need extra support during this time, so buy full-coverage maternity bras to minimise discomfort.

Shoes to wear during pregnancy

Although many women have no problem strutting about in six inch heels during their pregnancy, it¿s probably a good idea to give your feet a break. If your feet are swollen, hurting, or sweaty (common during pregnancy), try the following:
Avoid high heels: Flats are ideal during pregnancy but if you must wear heels, aim for less than two inches.
Go for slip-ons: You don¿t want to be bending over to tie laces, do you? Opt for sandals, loafers, clogs, mules or basic flip-flops depending on where you need to be. For a day out, consider light weight sneakers with cushy insoles that relieve pressure and help maintain balance. Choose wider shoes with arch support: These maximise your comfort and support your ¿extra¿ weight well. Also consider going up half a size if your feet are swollen.

Pregnant woman deserve to look just as good as their non-pregnant counterparts. You can look and feel great during your first, second and third trimester without sacrificing fashion for comfort.


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