Dressing Your Baby for All Seasons

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Dressing Your Baby for All Seasons
While expectant and new parents spend a lot of time learning childcare basics like feeding and bathing the baby or changing a nappy, not a lot of them consider how to dress their baby for each season. Here¿s a quick guide on how to keep your baby comfortable and stylish, no matter what the season:
Dressing your baby for summer

Loose, light-coloured cotton clothes will keep your baby comfortable in warm weather. Your baby¿s clothes should be able to ¿breathe¿ so that her body temperature remains regulated. It might sound strange, but dressing babies in layered clothing helps during summer, allowing you to adjust the clothes depending on whether it¿s a hot, humid or cool summer day. Babies overheat easily, so a simple baby grow, nappy and hat are usually sufficient for the summer. Don¿t forget the sunscreen and watch out for heat rashes. Also, keep a light jacket, cotton trousers and thin socks handy in case your baby feels cold suddenly. At nights, pyjamas, baby grows, or sleeping suits should suffice.
Dressing your baby for winter

In the winter, make sure to keep your baby¿s head covered to prevent heat loss. Caps, hats, hoodies or blankets are all acceptable gear when your baby is exposed to cold weather. It is also crucial to keep the baby¿s ears covered. Layers are especially helpful because you can add or remove them depending on whether your child feels hot or cold. Keep the layers closer to the body thin and breathable, and top off with woollen and fleece garments that act as insulators. Take care not to overdress the baby. Dress him/her in a long-sleeved knit shirt, thermal trousers, sweaters, sweater dresses and a woollen cap. Depending on how cold it is, you can add a light or heavy jacket, gloves, socks and blanket. At night, a sleeping suit and a comfortable blanket is enough.
Dressing your baby for spring and autumn

This is relatively easy to do since the weather is moderate and comfortable. A cotton one-piece baby grow during the day and a light jacket along with trousers and socks at night will keep your baby comfortable. Also consider rompers, overalls, dresses, skirts, capris and shorts. If it¿s raining, make sure to keep your baby protected with raincoats or a water-repellent jacket with a hood.

No matter what the season, a golden rule to follow is to dress your baby in as many layers as you are wearing plus one! Always use your common sense and watch out for your baby¿s reactions to tell if your little one is feeling too hot or cold.


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