The Harley Davidson Experience. Own It!

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The Harley Davidson Experience. Own It!

The landmark 1969 movie “Easy Rider” positioned the Harley Davidson motorcycle in the spotlight. Although the stars of the film were officially Peter Fonda, Denis Hopper and Jack Nicholson, many claim the true stars were the Harley Davidsons used in the film.

Today the Harley Davidson, or to use the shortened, more familiar name, Harley, is an icon of American culture; despite the rise in popularity of the Japanese motorcycle, the Harley Davidson is still the pinnacle to which many aspire.

Sure, you can rent a Harley Davidson and pretend to be Peter Fonda, but the real thrill comes from owning one. So, do you go for a new bike or a used one?

The answer will depend largely on your budget, but there are a few points to bear in mind if you have a choice between new and used.

New Harley Davidson’s are expensive and come with standard features, while a used Harley Davidson will cost you less and may already have some of those standard features, such a fuel tank, exhaust system and carburettor upgraded.

Check carefully before you buy a used Harley Davidson, looking for any rust, dents or scratches that may indicate a careless previous owner. If possible, find out if the Harley Davidson has been kept in a garage, saving it from damage caused by being left outdoors.

The type of Harley Davidson you buy should be governed by your riding style. If you plan on taking that long road trip, then probably a Sportster model is not the ideal choice. You also need to consider your level of experience, a bike too large and powerful may discourage you from riding it, so try to find a model that suits your experience level.

A good way to find out which model suits you is to visit a Harley Davidson dealer and sit on different bikes. You should feel comfortable on the bike and be able to reach all the controls without strain. Some Harleys are pretty heavy, so make sure you can lift the bike off the kick stand easily, it’s no fun struggling with a bike that’s too heavy for you.

Most people eventually want to add accessories to their bikes to personalise it, such as saddlebags, a windscreen or a comfortable backrest, so make sure that the model you want to buy has room for these accessories. The best way to get the most out of your new (or new second-hand) Harley is to look for a Harley club in your area. Most clubs will organise events or have information about special tours or promotions aimed at Harley owners.

With a Harley Davidson, the bottom line is, you’re not buying a motorcycle, you’re buying a way of life!

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