Decorating a Bachelor Pad

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Decorating a Bachelor Pad

Traditionally, the term bachelor pad has been synonymous with small, messy and disorganised. But a few simple hints and tips can help you to decorate your bachelor pad saving you valuable space at the same time.

One of the most effective means of upgrading your bachelor pad is to paint it. It sounds simple and, if you invite a few mates around to help, doesn¿t take so long or cost too much. You can maximise the impression of space in your pad by choosing light colours and take it one step further by painting the ceiling, too. Choose paint a couple of shades lighter for the ceiling and you¿ll be amazed at the difference.

Don¿t forget that the walls in your kitchen area should be painted in a hard-wearing, easy clean finish, so you can get rid of those bound-to-happen stains. There are lots of water-based acrylic paints on the market that have the advantage of being quick drying and practically odourless.

Get rid of the clutter in your bachelor pad that simply gathers dust. Many companies, such as Ikea, have storage space organisers to fit in wardrobes that can get your clothes and accessories stored away tidily and effectively. But take a look at your closet first to see whether you need mainly hanging space or drawers, so you can choose your organiser appropriately. A little cleaning up will have an immediate effect on the appearance of your pad.

How you light your pad is important too. Well positioned lights can add that impression of space, but don¿t go overboard, too much light can often over emphasise the lack of space. Go for quality fittings and think about spotlights or simple floor lamps to highlight special areas.

And talking about special areas, take a look at your furniture. Is it too large for your pad? Heavy furniture can make an apartment seem much smaller, so if your furniture is starting to look shabby, consider replacements that are lighter and less space consuming. Re-arranging your furniture can also have dramatic results. For example, by placing your sofa against a wall instead of in the middle of a room, you can free up loads of space you didn¿t know you had.

Simple wall decorations can transform your pad, too. Think photos, posters or framed prints for an inexpensive touch. Group your pictures or use a large piece in the centre of a wall to add interest.

Decorating your bachelor pad doesn¿t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Check out local home furnishing stores, browse through magazines and use some of the hints above to get your creativity flowing. Above all, get started and enjoy yourself!



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