How to Buy on bidorbuy for Beginners

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You can buy practically everything on bidorbuy, from brand-new products to second-hand items and difficult to find collectibles.

When you buy on bidorbuy, you are buying directly from sellers registered on the site. That means that you are more likely to pay less for the same or similar item than you would normally pay anywhere else. That also means that you are responsible for your transactions.

You must register on bidorbuy in order to buy on the site.

Take Note of These Guidelines

  • Check the seller's rating.
  • Carefully read the item description.
  • Check the shipping fees as well as warranties and guarantees offered.
  • If anything is not clear to you, ask the seller a question before bidding or placing an order.
  • Compare similar offers and prices from different sellers.
  • Place a bid or an order only when you are sure that you want to buy a specific item from a specific seller.
  • Remember that the transactions on bidorbuy are with the sellers directly and that they are legally binding.
  • After you win an auction or place an order, before making a payment (always remember to check the seller¿s rating and if item is in stock).
  • When you receive your item, log in and rate the seller.
  • Be cautions when you come upon a deal that looks too good to be true.
  • Say "no" to sellers who try to bypass the bidorbuy system.
  • Seek advice from your fellow buyers on the bidorbuy Forum.
  • Contact the bidorbuy Community Watch if you notice any suspicious behaviour.
  • Familiarise yourself with our tips on trading safely on our site.

Where to Go from Here

  • I want to start buying now.
  • I need more information about buying on bidorbuy.
  • I need help from a human and want to contact bidorbuy customer care:

Terms & Conditions

When you register as a user on bidorbuy, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Do be sure to read them.

bidorbuy adheres to strict security practices. Your personal details and credit card or banking information are safe with us. 
See the bidorbuy Privacy Statement.

Have a safe and enjoyable online trading experience with!

If you have feedback or need help, please contact us on or call us on 070 5155 932.

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