How to Pick a Summer Scent

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The Fragrant Affair

Sultry and sunny summer days call for grilling, picnics, long drives, and frolicking at the beach. No matter what your favourite summer pastime, your best accessory is going to be your perfume. Here¿s what you need to know about summer perfumes.

Do I Need a Summer Perfume?

Hot weather makes your skin react differently to perfumes that you wear during autumn and winter. Due to your skin¿s changing pH levels, you¿ll find that your favourite cold-weather perfume feels too strong (to you and those around you) in summer. Therefore, you do need good summer fragrances to keep you fresh and feminine, no matter how high the mercury soars.
What Sort of Fragrance Notes Work Better in Summer?

Floral notes like jasmine, orchid, rose, gardenia, patchouli, freesia, lily, and magnolia are popular fragrance notes for summer perfumes. Among citrusy and fruity notes, apple, grapefruit, pear, mango, coconut, lime/lemon, plum and strawberry are widely used in summer fragrances for women.

EDT or EDP for Summer?

Eau de Parfums (EDP) have a higher concentration of fragrance oils than Eau de Toilettes (EDT). And since it¿s best to keep things clean and fresh during the summer, it is best to stick with EDTs. If you feel your perfume wearing off sooner than you¿d like, carry a roll-on perfume and reapply as needed. However, do remember that even when you don¿t get a whiff of your perfume on yourself, those around you still can. So reapply sparingly.

Single Note or More Complex?

Single note perfumes are becoming increasingly harder to find as perfumers and designers love to experiment with multiple notes. Most perfumes these days will have a complex composition, with top notes (noticeable when you first spray it), middle notes (the heart of the perfume which stays on for hours) and base notes (the ¿finish¿). Complex perfumes are great for long summer days filled with outdoor activities.

Top Summer Scents

Here are some of the bestselling summer perfumes for women:

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom: With notes of cassis, grapefruit, apple, and jasmine, this summer fragrance is for the irresistible woman, sophisticated yet adventurous.
Armani Acqua di Gioia: A sensual combination of jasmine, peony, lemon and mint, Acqua di Gioia reminds you of the blue Mediterranean and pristine white beaches.
Davidoff Cool Water: Notes of pineapple and lily combine stunningly with sandalwood to make you feel energetic and feminine.
Lacoste Touch of Pink: Intense yet charming, this perfume has notes of orange, cardamom, jasmine and vanilla. The ultra-girly pink bottle is cute too!

Pick a summer perfume that makes you feel playful and sexy. Wear it with confidence and watch as you turn heads wherever you go!

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