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Life¿s High-Tech Necessities

It seems that our lives are being run more and more by gadgets, mobile phones, digital cameras, watches and the rest. A common complaint I¿ve heard among parents of teenagers is that life is all iPad, iPod, iPhone and iPaid.
If you¿re finding it hard to keep up with all these new items, here¿s a quick run through of some of the latest newsworthy gadgets to hit the market.

iPad Mini

Miniaturisation is the key to the future, so they say, so the iPad Mini must be a winning concept. The all-singing, all-dancing iPad was released in April 2010 and took the world by storm. Now the miniaturised version, the aptly named iPad Mini, is set to repeat that success. It features a 7.9-inch LED-backlit multi-touch screen, front and rear facing cameras and a range of hardware similar to that available on the iPad 2.
Drift HD Action Camera

Is your taste for exciting action sports? Then the Drift HD Action Camera is right for you. The compact full HD video camera can attach to your goggles, or, thanks to a universal clip and a variety of mounts, to just about anything else to capture those heart-stopping moments up close and personal.
Sony Smart Watch

If, like me, you thought that Dick Tracy¿s wrist radio was high-tech, then it¿s time to get up-to-date. The Sony Smart Watch is less than 1½-inches square and just 0.3-inches thick, yet it has a 1.3-inch OLED screen. (pls change to centimetres), Basically, the watch is a link to your Smartphone and, once set up, acts as a second screen for your phone, allowing you to run widget capable apps, such as text messaging, Facebook and calendar. Oh yes, it can also show the time.
Google Nexus 10

The world¿s highest resolution display is not a bad claim for the Google Nexus 10. Not only that, but this tablet also claims to have web browsing speeds up to four times faster than normal WiFi, thanks to an A15 processor and advanced MIMO WiFi. The high-resolution graphics make streaming hit movies a breeze and there¿s no waiting for downloads or syncing. The 300ppi display makes the most of the 10.1-inch display.
Apple iPhone 5

Over two million pre-orders were received for this, the latest version of Apple¿s iPhone, in just 24 hours. Such was the excitement generated by its announcement in September 2012. Slimmer and lighter than the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 has a higher resolution four-inch multi-touch display, front and rear facing cameras and all the usual connectivity options associated with Apple products.
Who knows what tomorrow may bring? But for today, at least, these are just a few snippets from the latest newsworthy gadgets around.


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