Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

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How to Make Your Living Space Look Larger

Small living spaces can be challenging to decorate. But with some creativity and clever manoeuvres, you can maximise the utility of your living space, be it a house, flat or simply a tiny room. Read on for tips to make small spaces appear big.

Use multipurpose furniture: There are plenty of options available when it comes to furniture with hidden storage. Be it a bed, ottoman, or a coffee table, these pieces can help you hide clutter and really maximise your living space.

Use lots of mirrors: Mirrors create an illusion of space by reflecting light, artificial or natural, and are best placed on walls opposite windows.

Don¿t push furniture against walls:
This is a natural instinct but doing so actually makes spaces appear even more cramped. Instead, arrange your furniture at angles, let them breathe.

Buy a folding dinner table: These are really useful! You can fold them out to seat 6-8 guests when you entertain and fold them in for your daily family meals.

Avoid contrast: Paint your walls and trims the same colour. Monochrome gives the illusion of a bigger space. Opt for curtains that are more or less the same shade as the walls. The less contrast on your walls, the bigger your room will look.

Use accent pieces: An interesting vase, an apothecary jar, a vintage telephone, or an unusual lamp shade: these accent pieces draw attention and serve as a focal point.

Flood the room with natural light: If that¿s not possible, try recessed lights for a warm and intimate feel. Good lighting is an art that takes time to master, but when strategically done, it can really open up a living space.

Avoid clutter: Simple and sleek lines throughout the house are necessary to make it look bigger. Huge furniture can add ¿bulk¿ to your house, so opt for minimalistic scaled-down furniture. Buy furniture pieces that have legs. Furniture that sits directly on the floor make rooms look ¿heavy¿.


Paint rooms in soft pastel colours: Colours like powder pink, mint, aqua, soft sage, pale yellow, and almost all shades of white are excellent for making a room seem airy and light.

Stick to simple upholstery:  Avoid bold patterns like polka dots and stripes or details like ruffles. Create visual interest by playing with textures of fabrics. Also make sure to select airy fabrics for curtains, bedding, and table covers.

A small living space actually allows you to aim for a cosy, lived-in vibe when decorating your living space. Small can be beautiful, so experiment with some of the above ideas and get the most out of your home.

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