Become a bidorbuy Trade Broker

In a world where time is of the essence and convenience is imperative to our everyday lives - when an opportunity that encompasses both the above comes knocking - you have to take advantage of it in one way or another. This is exactly the case with bidorbuy's recently launched Trader Broker Programme.

bidorbuy is Kenya's largest online sales and auction site and currently has thousands of people visiting its site everyday. The site offers a number of exciting business opportunities for all types of individuals living in Kenya. Through its secure and sophisticated virtual trading place, people are able to buy and/or sell almost anything, providing the ideal opportunity to earn additional income or grab a fantastic bargain - all in the convenience of your own home!

Maybe you do want to sell online but you don't have the time or you feel you don't necessarily have the know-how? It is for these exact reasons that bidorbuy introduced The Trade Broker Programme. The programme provides existing experienced and high rated bidorbuy sellers (Trade Brokers) with the authority to sell goods on your behalf - where you are assured of expert selling skills, while earning additional income!

Your chosen Trade Broker would be responsible for taking digital photos of the products you wish to sell, listing them correctly on the Web site and handling the entire sales process on your behalf. All bidorbuy Trade Brokers fulfill strict assessment requirements to assure you of secure and reliable service transactions. Andy Higgins, managing director at bidorbuy says; "We are adamant that our Trade Brokers be trustworthy and reliable. Therefore, we have the right to remove any Broker from our site should we suspect misconduct of any nature. In addition, our buyer protection programme ensures that our trading community is totally secure from any unlikely yet possible illicit behaviour."

For those interested in becoming a Trade Broker, the programme is designed as a lucrative business opportunity giving you access to a larger product range, which leads to higher sales and revenues. We asked David van der Merwe, a satisfied bidorbuy Trade Broker for his comments: "I think bidorbuy's Trade Broker Programme is a great business opportunity and I will encourage anyone to join the programme. It is an amazing adventure with great potential and you can earn money while playing."

For more information on the bidorbuy Trade Broker programme, the broker assessment requirements, how to join the programme or an overview of the many selling and buying opportunities that exist on the Web site, please visit or contact bidorbuy on 011 367 0000.