Earn Income via bidorbuy Trade Broker Programme

"Many individuals and businesses are able to benefit from bidorbuy's online trading platform by exposing their products to thousands of people who visit the site on a daily basis," says Andy Higgins, managing director at bidorbuy. "However, due to issues such as time constraints and a lack of resources or expertise, they examine alternative avenues through which to sell their products, rather than embarking on online trading exercises themselves. This is where the bidorbuy Trade Broker Programme fits in."

The bidorbuy Trade Broker gives inexperienced sellers the opportunity to work through an experienced bidorbuy seller who has the resources and expertise to manage the listing process on behalf of someone else. The Trade Broker Programme also enables people who may not have access to the Internet to sell their goods online.

The approved bidorbuy Trade Brokers are, among other functions, responsible for taking digital photos of the products, listing them correctly and handling the entire sales process on behalf of a client. All registered Trade Brokers can be sourced on the bidorbuy site under the Trade Broker Directory. "The criteria to participate as a Trade Broker include having sold products on bidorbuy.co.ke for at least six months and having successfully sold at least 50 products in the past year, to name but a few," says Higgins. "This way people can be assured of gaining access to experience in online trading."

Trade Brokers are not employees or independent contractors of bidorbuy, nor does the company endorse or approve them. Each Trade Broker runs his business totally independent of any involvement of bidorbuy. "We are very adamant that our Trade Brokers should be trustworthy and reliable," says Andy Higgins, managing director at bidorbuy. "We therefore have the right to remove Trade Brokers from our site if they are suspected of misconduct of any nature. Also, we have implemented a buyer protection programme to protect buyers from possible illicit behaviour."

bidorbuy's Trade Broker Programme is a lucrative business opportunity from which anyone can benefit, as registered brokers have access to larger product ranges, which leads to higher sales and revenues. According to David van der Merwe, a satisfied bidorbuy Trade Broker; "I believe bidorbuy's Trade Broker Programme is a great business opportunity and I encourage anyone to participate and join the programme. It is an amazing adventure with great potential and you can earn money while playing."

To utilise the bidorbuy Trade Broker Programme and become a certified Trade Broker, please visit www.bidorbuy.co.ke and follow the 'Trade Broker' link, or contact bidorbuy for more information.