I Cannot Get Hold Of the Seller Or After Paying the Seller Still Has Not Shipped My Goods, Now What?

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bidorbuy guidelines are that transactions should be completed within 7 days of the original transaction date. If you have been unable to contact the Seller after the 7 day period, you would need to contact our online security department via e-mail communitywatch@bidorbuy.co.ke and explain what transpired. If you believe fraud has taken place it would be advisable to lay a charge against the Seller at your local police station and to get a case number. Only once this has been done can bidorbuy release additional information on the Seller, if available, to the police. The Seller will then also be disabled or even blacklisted as a fraudulent trader. If you have not paid for the item as yet, we suggest you refrain from making a payment until you are sure the transaction will proceed without any problems. Please ensure you keep all records of correspondence, including dates, times and when attempts to contact the Seller were made.

We do however suggest you first wait for the initial 7 day period to pass as the Seller could have a valid reason for not being contactable. Once that period is over you may also rate the Seller negatively, which can prompt them into action either refunding the payment or sending you the item purchased.

Please remember to familiarise yourself with our safety tips for trading online.